Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rule #1 in "successfully" building your underachieving nba franchise: alienate fans by forcing them to buy cable

Finally, the nba season has begun.... and the ineptitude of the Jazz front office are in midseason form.

Just look at the tv schedule for the Jazz this year. You want to watch your Jazz? Get cable or satellite or some other extra expense for the privilege of rooting for the team with the most contradictory name in sports. Is this a joke?

Growing up watching the Jazz, I took comfort in knowing that I could at least watch a few games on tv and still consider myself in the know of what was going on with the team. Today's family operating on a budget and priorities of life? Forget it. Go get cable you cheapos.

Forget the fact the Utah Jazz are a bunch of underachievers. Forget the fact that there is this thing called a recession. Forget the fact that unemployment is in the toilet. The Miller group obviously thinks they are feeling the squeeze, and want to squeeze the fans back. What better way to "sell" your team to the masses by making it exclusive to the "haves" over the "have nots"?

Although the late Larry Miller had a few missteps with the team from this fan's perspective, I can say with certainty that the Utah Jazz was viewable to the masses under his watch. This new breed of Miller group is giving me thoughts of seeking free agency with my fandom. I'm sure there are better front offices out there that try to keep "all" fans in the know. Yes, the Jazz aren't the first to force their fans to "get" cable, I just didn't think the Jazz was that type of organization. Being a Jazz fan trying to convince other fans of the value of this team is becoming harder and harder. Especially when you see a championship Laker organization once again guaranteeing HALF of their games on local tv. (Lakers broadcast away games on local kcal9, home games on FSN west).

The worst part of this "new" Jazz way of running things is the lack of any type of forward thinking. It appears the Jazz are thinking about "now" and getting dollars for "now" to pay underachieving players with bloated contracts for "now". What about the fans who want to watch their Jazz "now" and stick with the team for the "Future"? Hey Miller group, ever heard of building your fan base from the ground up? Perhaps how Larry did with my generation?

Good Luck.


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Tejas Kutan said...

Well said! I refuse to buy tickets this season because of their decision not to broadcast on KJAZZ. It is becoming harder and harder to be a Jazz fan.